visual designer & researcher

Nido is a magazine about italian dwellings and the objects inside them.

“Non sono case anche
le stanze in cui ci si crea
un proprio spazio
di personalizzazione,
le celle dei carcerati,
le camere dei malati,
le tendopoli,
le case mobili,
le case nomadi,
le case temporanee?”

The magazine includes interviews, photographies, illustrations, poetries and editorial articles. The common topic is dwelling, always keeping a cozy but impartial tone, telling about different stories, different “houses”, but mainly different people, even if never showing them directly but only though objects. The first issue contains a section dedicated to quarantine, a moment during which we all have been constricted in our homes.

Project design with Ester Balzarotti, Valentina Ferrari, Virgilia Ramella and Isabella Possaghi.