visual designer & researcher

The brief regarded the rebirth of Venice: designing alternatives for locals and tourists and promoting areas, routes and activities different from the usual ones.
After dinner, Venice, that during the day is overwhelmed by tourists, becomes empty. This is because, besides bars and bacari, there are very few things to do in the evening. Having alternatives would be good for locals, but also could help fighting the excessive tourism, spreading people in other time slots and different areas that are not San Marco or Strada Nova. We, therefore, thought about the birth of a space, Bacàn (in the Venetian slang ‘confusion’) which proposes every week cultural activities, exhibitions, conferences, concerts, especially promoting young people.
Furthermore, this space would create a network together with other existing associations in Venice, in order to offer always alternative activities in the city. The final outputs are two posters and a brochure. 

Project designed with Diego Scaggiante and Max Holzer.